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      Having just got the latest version the super resolution effect is quite clever . Basically for those that dont have the likes of Nikon D850 and large sensors this option will enable a much larger image to be made and also giving greater detail. Plus of course it will enable heavy cropping and not losing much detail etc. You can make images from say a 16 mpeg sensor into basically 60 plus mpeg, obviously the physical size of the image will be far larger however gives many options from there going forward. One draw back from large sensors is that it is more critical in regards to vibration and camera movement and is having to make more use of a tripod etc However having played with this option now for a few days can certainly see some uses for it. There are many vids on Youtube in relation to this one is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glxosZiBC6c&t=576s.

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        Andy, I replied yesterday but there was something wrong with the forum as I did not see your post (other than the email to me) but I was able to reply which disappeared.

        I was only aware of this new feature a couple of weeks ago just after I had paid for Topaz Gigapixel which does much the same. At this time you can only use the Adobe feature in PS not in LR which I an sure they will add shortly. You can use Topaz Gigapixel from LR or PS. I have read reviews and they all found Topaz to be better. I have only briefly tried Topaz and the Adobe feature so difficult to draw my onw conclusion yet. In the past I have not needed this but have recently bought a Sony ML so I may have the occasional need when heavily cropped and we resume printing.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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