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    I was recently asked to show 96 photos with a music track at a Commemoration service and decided Pictures to Exe would be ideal which it was.  It was a breeze importing the 96 pictures in one go and adding a music track.  After a few adjustments to some slides I saved the show as a .exe file and ran it successfully on another PC.  So far so good.

    The family asked for a copy of the show but they use Mac computers.  PTE has an option to publish the show in a format best for Macs.  I used this and uploaded the output to WeTransfer for the family to download and play the show.  I was told the show did not work.

    I only use Windows.  Can anyone please tell me the best way to publish the show and what to transfer,  and what is the best way for the recipient to proceed on a Mac?

    TIA,    Brian Wood

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    Brian, I am not an expert on using MAC’s and not the most experienced at P t0 exe either but I think I saved a file on my PC as an MOV file and was able to run that on a Mac.


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