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      Hi to you all

      As some of you know, I’m keen to introduce a ‘panel of prints’ element to our competitions, and the idea seemed popular at the committee meeting this week.   In addition we have a number of other pressing issues about the comps, including:

      • Low entry numbers for Eric Franks
      • Low entry numbers for round 4 of the aggregate as people drop out if they’re not on the leader board

      I had lunch with Martin Fry this week who suggested we keep EF as mono images of Cheltenham but make it a PDI comp. I think that’s worth a try and we should try it next season.

      Re the panel comp idea: My new suggestion is this:
      I think a ‘panel of prints’ is a step too far, given that many members don’t enter print comps. Therefore I suggest we have it as a PDI comp, called A Series (Or similar title). Four images on a theme, plus a layout plan as image one, ie five images in total.

      I suggest the Series becomes Round 4 of the PDI aggregate, with a trophy for the winner of that round as the Series Cup (or similar). That will encourage people to enter Round 4, as they can win the Series Cup even if they’re not in the running for the aggregate. Their points in Agg 4 will still count towards the Aggregate title.

      I welcome your views and suggest we test the water at the AGM.


      John Clare


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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