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  • lindaccc
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      Two questions, if one has subscribed to a forum, should they receive follow up posts  on all topic as well as the original post?  Or is it just the originator of the topic that gets the replies (if they’ve ticked the notify box)

      Also is there any way of automatically be subscribed to a new forum when it is set up?  I’ve just checked and there were a couple of new forums that I’d missed and hadn’t subscribed to.


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        Hi Linda,

        Not sure where we stand on this one. There’s a bit more on it under the topic ‘Forum Notifications’ but as I said, not sure how it is supposed to work.



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          As far as I know, you need to subscribe to each Forum. I thought I had done so but, as you said, there have  been a few new. I have now subscribed to the new ones as well. I doubt that you can automatically be subscribed to Forums that do not yet exist. Of course after this week’s Committee meeting we may go for new site software so it could all change.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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