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      A few days after xmas both myself and my wife developed the most horrendous coughs, it was non stop night and day. We both tested negative from both the Lateral flow tests and the PCR . Both seeked medical advice and put on anti biotics which didnt have much effect. At the start of the following week one evening my wife was near choking from coughing and could hardly breath i phoned  111 and they sent the paramedics. Thankfully they managed to get her breathing more normally and they found she had a very high temp. Both of us were still coughing our heads off even thou we had been on antibiotics over a week nether of us could sleep and they put it down to bad chest infections. A few days later she was suffering from severe pain in her left side and after yet another visit to the doctors and been sent for a xray transpires she has torn the muscles by her rib cage purely from  coughing.  Now one of our daughters has got it and shes been nowhere near us. I thought i was going turn myself inside out from the coughing and was sick a few times purely from the coughing.  We both also suffered bad headaches during it as well. The paramedics would not rule out we didnt have Oricom even thou we had tested negative just seems very strange we both fell ill at exactly the same time.

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        Andy before Xmas in mid/early Dec, my wife developed what was called a “Super Cold”. It was the worst cold she had ever had and included coughing but not as bad as you describe. She tested negative for COVID but was not given any treatment bar the usual paracetamol/cough medicine. With Xmas coming up and expecting to host children and grand children, after the 2020 failure, we were keen that I did not catch it. I wore a mask as did my wife whenever we were in the same room and we had to continue this for 2 weeks but I did not catch it which left me with a good impression of the effectiveness of PP2 masks.

        Just after Xmas I did develop something which started as Asthma which I do occasionally have problems with this time of year (all COVID tests negative). After a few days it appears to be developing into Bronchitis so I contacted my G.P. who saw me an hour later and confirmed Bronchitis and prescribed Antibiotics and steroids. It all cleared up within a few days. According to my G.P. notes which I can now access on-line it all started as an allergic reaction which triggered the Asthma and so on.

        It has been suggested that being locked down much of the last 2 years, while protecting most of us from COVID, has left us more vulnerable to common bugs which gave us less problem in the past. I have heard of many now who have contracted Omicron with similar but milder symptoms to yours so perhaps it was. I hope you are both recovering now.


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          That sounds really awful Andy and for your Chrissie Dave.  Hope all are improving,  Sounds similar to what James de C was suffering from, ending up on steroids.  Good recommendation for the PP2 masks.  I wear both the cloth ones and the pp2 but will use the latter only in future.


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