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    I am confused (not much change there then!) about notifications and ‘Subscribe/Unsubscribe’.

    I wonder if someone can explain how the system works.

    At present I am subscribed to all the ‘Forums’ – and it gives me the option to ‘Unsubscribe’ at top right of the individual forums. However, it appears that I am not getting notification of new topics. When I go into a topic to read it, I get the option to ‘Subscribe’ to that topic.

    I would have thought that if I am subscribed to a forum, I would get notifications of any new posting in that forum. It is quite difficult to subscribe to a topic that has not yet been posted! 🙂

    Am I not understanding the system properly or is there a simple explanation to achieve what I am trying to – ie to get notification of any and every posting to the ‘Members Forums’?

    Any suggestions gratefully received.