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    RPS summary continued:

    However, the situation re comps is less positive. Someone could create an image using AI, re-photograph it, enter it, and it would bypass the verification process. My takeaway was that it was great for commercial photography and creativity, but less good for comps.

    What it can do is really impressive – or scary. It can, for example, replace blocked shadows or blown highlights. It create images just by word prompts.

    Rufus made an argument that PS tools already use AI, eg content-aware, sky replacement, noise reduction. In my opinion, this is different because it is adding other elements not captured at photographs or created by the photographer.

    There was a question about whether, in time, we will have to subscribe to Adobe Stock to use the AI tools. The answer is almost certainly yes.

    A recording will be made available at the RPS AI hub in a few days: RPS AI site