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    Reflections on the RPS/Adobe talk on June 21st 2023
    John Clare

    There’s no doubt that the AI tools in PS are incredible. Interestingly, Rufus (Adobe worldwide evangelist) never referred to AI-generated content as photography. In fact he said it isn’t. Key points that I took away from it:
    In addition to PS, the main Adobe effort is in Firefly. https://Firelfy site Take a look…it’s free and open to all, even without a Creative Cloud subscription!

    It appears Adobe have put a lot of effort into ensuring all source material for AI generation is copyright-free. Impressively, they have launched the Content Authentication Initiative along with the New York Times, Twitter, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica and other global names. It will allow you to upload an image and learn all the steps taken in its production, and where AI was involved. It appears you can only upload one image at a time, so that’s no good for eg CISP.

    They say we used to have ‘Trust but verify’ and now we have ‘verify then trust’ ie you can verify an image with the CAI, then trust the result.

    Abode cannot, however, say how much of an image was generated by AI. Other companies might, and there was talk of ‘AI heat maps’ showing where AI had been used.