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    The RPS interim position on the use of AI (published June 19th 2023):

    RPS position on AI
    • AI image processing and manipulation has been part of camera and post-processing software for several years.
    • The recent development of advanced generative AI tools, where entirely new images or image elements are built at a pixel level using non-photographic processes, moves image-creation from photography to illustration.
    • The RPS believes images generated solely via AI are not photography as defined in its Royal Charter.
    • The RPS considers AI-enabled algorithmic automation of basic imaging processing (including exposure optimisation in-camera, the cloning of a background, or removal of subject elements), as being under the control of the photographer and represents an on-going evolution of long-standing capabilities.  
    • The RPS does not endorse the way some AI tools have been trained with datasets of photography without the permission of the rights owner. As part of a vibrant creative community, the RPS will continue to support the artistic, commercial and moral rights of all photographers, artists and creators. 
    • Establishing exactly what is and isn’t the product of AI will become increasingly hard to discern and will require ongoing consideration, transparency and discussion when reviewing work for Distinction submissions, exhibitions and competitions.