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    Thanks Jess, you, Gordon and Annie duly added to the list.

    That now makes it a full house, so any further names will go on a waiting list in case of drop outs.

    On the assumption that it could be a tad chilly to hang around for the full four hours (10 to 2) I envisage people coming along for a couple of hours’ participation in the shooting, which would entail a group of five including one organiser at any one time – although I am sure you will all be sharing advice, help and ideas. Basically,  I have indicated to our hosts that there will be up to 5 photographers involved at any one time.

    This arrangement will also mean we keep costs down to £10 to 12 ph.

    I am hoping Julia, our model, will cope if we ply her with enough warm outfits and hot drinks!

    I will be contacting people to sort out who prefers to be on the early shift, and who on the late.

    There is a car parking inside the perimeter fence of the overall area. But as there are likely to be other customers using not only the open barn we will be using, but also an enclosed barn of antiques and artefacts, and the farm shop itself. So it might be wise to park just outside the perimeter fence on a bit of off-road grass.

    If the weather turns too nasty  we might have to abandon or e.g. move to J9 studio about 20 minutes away. So I will try to collect everyone’s phone numbers.