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    The bend has been straightened out compared with 30 years ago. I used to play Squash at Rossley Manor nearby and we always stopped at the Pub which was called The Reservoir. I recall the Landlord told a story about one night a car went off the road at that bend. It was appalling weather and the Landlord was away but left his brother in charge. He realized that there was a crash and eventually invited a shocked young couple (from the crash) in and sat them by the fire with a brandy. He noticed that there were many police cars etc. He called the police himself and they wanted to know if anyone was in the car. So, he told them there was a young couple and the policeman said but where are they now in The Reservoir he replied. The couple were picked up by a relative, but the Landlords brother noticed much continuing activity and huge lights set up to illuminate the Reservoir and many additional vehicles. Around dawn a senior police office knocked on the door and said we have had frogmen searching all night and they have found no trace of the couple.  They then both realised the misunderstanding and the Landlord asked him to apologize to the frogmen and other recue staff. The Senior policeman said that is no problem as it is good training for them, but it has made a £10,000 dent in my budget!!!

    It was a good pub to visit in those days and The Landlord rarely called time before the last customer left. I understood that the police knew this but, unlike pubs in town, there was never any trouble, so they looked the other way.