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    John, this a topic was raised by a couple of members who feel that Camera Club does not describe us. Originally they were considering putting a formal motion to the AGM but then became aware that it was very controversial. They then decided to have it placed on the Agenda just for discussion and then consider later whether or not to bring as a formal motion to the next AGM in 2023. I believe what members will need to consider whether there is a better name (probably) but also what benefits will it bring and at what cost. I suggest you attend the AGM to join the discussion. I understand that this same topic was discussed just before I joined about 25 years ago but a change was then rejected. There may also be a compromise position whereby we remain formally Cheltenham Camera Club but use other terms when referring to the club in advertising media or our website.

    Oddly the Club used to be Cheltenham Photographic Society but in the 1930’s this was changed to CCC because Society sounded a bit snobbish and might deter some from joining.