Please note:-   Only Images taken in 2022/23 are allowed                                                                                    
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The voting for Round 6 of the 2023 Challenge, “Nature”, has now completed – despite considerable frustrations with the web hosting company’s performance.  Thanks to Steve for organising its solution.  It looks as though the voting figures are not far off normal, and I hope not too many people feel disenfranchised.  I have assumed that the spread of preferences of the successful voters would reflect those of the whole: as a result I have closed the competition for the month and the individual images’ scores can be seen via the link above: the monthly cumulative results sheets are available for download here.

Congratulations to Rob Bullingham, Mark James and David Elder for their three jointly first placed individual images.  David Elder’s combined scores gave him a very successful month, with James de Courcy and Mark James in close pursuit with their combined scores.  Overall, David has moved into the lead with James and Margaret MacEvoy in pursuit.  (apologies for the racing commentary description – I am following Des Ward’s august tradition!)

Incidentally, it might be worth checking section F of the Club Competition rules document, which is linked at the bottom of the Competition section of the site (or here) – in particular please note that entries must be limited to those taken in 2022/23 for this year’s competition.

Entries are open for next month’s competition, “Portrait”…..

I have uploaded a powerpoint file of the presentation on the 2022 competition here (our website software won’t allow upload of a powerpoint show file, unfortunately, but hopefully you will be able to open it) together with the final 2022 monthly and cumulative results sheet here.

Until next month…… James de C