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    I have not used Focus Magic but, Like Dave, I have the Topaz suite of tools. I recently upgraded to their latest versions and am seriously impressed. I use Denoise AI, GigaPixel AI and Sharpen AI. They are particularly good used together for slightly soft shots, highly cropped shots and/or older shots when sensors where not quite as good as modern ones. They work as standalone and as plug-ins to PS and LR. They do demand a pretty good graphics card to give you the best. Here’s a link to their site on that (it covers Denoise but they all need the same spec to get the best out of them) https://help.topazlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026521591-DeNoise-AI-System-Requirements

    I find it best to run Denoise first, then Gigapixel if you want to increase file size and get back detail and then Sharpen. If it is a soft image I would run sharpen before fully editing but not too drastically and then again at the end. Now I know you can really get back detail but the AI part does a good job at creating detail that convinces. You can let it make decisions for you or you can control a variety of parameters. A bit of careful local sharpening round the eyes can do wonders for a portrait.

    I find Topaz better than the built in tools from Adobe but Adobe will catch up soon I guess.