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    hi John, lots of good things about this image, the blues contrasting with the oranges, the beautiful wood and engravings, the contrast with traditional dress and the backpacker attire, tech stuff: colour rendition lovely, it has a lovely warm glow but no orange cast,  and great DOF, there’s detail all through the image,

    my two concerns are his back occupies more than a third of the shot, and its not an interesting part of the image other than the prayer book, I understand you wanting to contrast his behaviour with the other men’s devotion but to me he takes up too much space and I want him to move so I can see more of the other people, the other thing is a minor irritation with the top of the white plastic chair in the foreground, (and now,  having moved image to see what it would look like if cropped at the bottom, the gap between his legs is also distracting) (for me in this crop he then suddenly becomes slightly less domineering)

    anyway just my thoughts and initial reaction,