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    Thanks for the info John i think it will be trail and error to say the least i have got a few ideas. One slide that stopped me dead in my tracks was a image of my wife when she was at school sat with a friend prob aged around 10. I didnt know her back then however our youngest daughter whose now 30 (god i feel old) was the spitting image of her mother when she was around that age. Photobooks are a good idea as well Dave. We also have gone quite far back in the family tree got back to around 1834. One mystery which will prob never be solved is on my mothers side my grandmother was born illegitimately. On her birth certificate it says father unknown. However her mother my great grandmother worked as a servant in the royal household as well we believe in other aristocratic houses etc. It seems her mother refused to say who the father was and took that to the grave. Wether she did ever tell my grandmother  but told her to remain silent who knows. My grandmother died in 1969 and if she did leave this world without knowing who her father was i find it quite sad. How times have changed