Martin Fry FRPS, EFIAP/Platinum, AV-EFIAP, ABPE, APAGBChair
Welcome to the CCC from the Chair. It is such a privilege to lead this very special club. Joining the club as a teenager, it has been at the heart of my enjoyment of photography for most of my life. There is always something to learn, with new challenges to behold and lecturers to inspire. Having judged and lectured at over 300 clubs across Britain, I always return to Cheltenham and feel fortunate to belong to such a thriving club. My hope as Chair is that you enjoy it as much as I do.
Linda Kirkhope AFIAP
Linda Kirkhope AFIAPVice-chair
I received my first camera 60 years ago and have dabbled in photography, off and on ever since. I joined the Club about 15 years ago, benefiting greatly from lectures, competitions, training courses and chatting with other members as well as making great friendships. I’ll have a go at most genres but particularly enjoy wildlife and macro photography. A few years ago, I downsized my hefty Canon equipment and now shoot with Olympus m4/3 which makes for a much lighter backpack so am less likely to have left the perfect lens for the job at home!
Peter Covey-Crump
Peter Covey-CrumpSecretary
Peter does a great job as secretary for the committee, hosting and organising meetings. Judging by the hundreds of travel guides he owns his main interest in photography involves travelling around the world.
Dave Hyett EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE2*
Dave Hyett EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE2*Treasurer
I joined the Club in 1998 from Tewkesbury Camera Club and I am currently Treasurer of Cheltenham Camera Club. My interests in photography cover most topics including landscape, portrait, creative, street, sport, nature, low light, architecture and infrared. I developed an interest in digital processing in 1996.
John Clare LRPS
John Clare LRPSProgramme Secretary & Zoom Coordinator
I first picked up a camera, an Instamatic, on a school trip to Paris aged 15. At 20 I saved up my wages as a trainee newspaper reporter, bought my first film camera, a Praktica, and converted the cupboard under the stairs into a darkroom in my London flat. More than 40 years later I have travelled widely and I love my Leica. However, I always have Cartier-Bresson’s advice in mind, ‘It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera. They are made with the eye, heart and head.’

My photography embraces many genres, including landscape, street, portraits and architecture. I also have a drone with a great camera.

I joined Cheltenham Camera Club late in 2019 soon after I moved to the area and took over the role of Programme Secretary in October 2020. I was on the committee in my previous club in London. My job is to find and book external speakers, who are so important to the enjoyment of the club. I’m always delighted to hear speaker recommendations from members.

David Adamson EFIAP, BPE3*
David Adamson EFIAP, BPE3*Competition Secretary
I have enjoyed taking pictures pretty much all of my life and joined Cheltenham Camera Club in 2011. My other interests are hill walking and gardening, in fact anything that gets me outside. Photography goes well with these other interests.
Janice Clark LRPS, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE2*
Janice Clark LRPS, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE2*Nature Group & Welfare
I have enjoyed photography since getting my first camera at the age of 12, a Brownie 127. I still have this camera and owned many others before buying my first digital camera in 2009, the year I joined Cheltenham Camera Club.
Des Ward EFIAP
Des Ward EFIAPCISP Chair
I’ve been a member of the club since 2007 – I meant to join earlier but never got around to it, but I am so glad I eventually did. I think my photography is unrecognisable from what it was like then. As well as being Chairman of our International Salon, coordinating our First Tuesday sessions, and maintaining a full time job as a software developer, I like to photograph sport, particularly motorsports, and, like the majority of our members, I also dabble in most other genres of photography.
Paul Claridge
Paul ClaridgeExhibition Coordinator
I am a self-taught photographer. I don’t specialise in any area, I just try to embrace anything that inspires me. I joined the club 5 years ago and have found it to be the best club that I have ever joined. I enjoy passing on any knowledge that I have to aid others as do many other members of this club.
Karin Wilson ARPS, EFIAP, BPE4*, DPAGB
Karin Wilson ARPS, EFIAP, BPE4*, DPAGBNature Group
I have always enjoyed taking photographs but since joining the club in 2009, I have developed a special interest in wildlife and landscape photography, with the excitement of travel. The club enabled me to meet like-minded photographers, with whom I have enjoyed various outings and workshops.
John White
John WhiteIn Focus Editor
I have been a member of CCC since 2005 and the In Focus (newsletter) editor for the past 4 years. This is an ex-officio post, but I do muck-in and help the committee in various areas. I am most interested in the ability of the camera to capture interesting, curious or unusual images (especially street photography) but will have ago at almost anything. I was very involved in the 150th celebrations, exhibitions and books which was very rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable.
Roger Bracewell LRPS
Roger Bracewell LRPSWebmaster
I developed and printed my first roll of Ilford FP4 black and white film at the age of 10 when I inherited my grandfather’s camera gear and darkroom equipment. As a young boy, I witnessed the magic of images appearing in the tray of developer in a cupboard under the stairs and wanted to have a go myself. The first results were mixed but good enough to kick start a lifetime interest in photography.

I ran a successful IT consulting business for over 15 years before friends and family encouraged me to do what I most enjoy and inspire others to get more out of their own photography. I became a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 2017.

John Mallows
John MallowsStudio Group
I have been photo’ing for decades as part of my passion for pictures – trips to London see me in the Tate not Camera Shops. So I don’t obsess over grain, pixels or lenses, although a techie background propped up my meagre picture making skills when I was asked, way back, to take over an ailing photo class, coaching to ‘O’ level & GCSE, devising ways of conveying the aesthetic & technical stuff along the way. After a decade’s forced break I emerged into a digital world – and got stuck in, deciding, after all these years, it might be good to join a club. Then quickly took the Chairman’s shilling onto the committee, a not unfamiliar situation for me, as well as using a bit of previous to help re-instate the studio group. I photo all sorts of objects and subjects trying, but usually failing, to draw out an essence or find a fresh perspective.
Richard McCleery AFIAP
Richard McCleery AFIAPCommittee Member
I joined the club back in September 1991. My main interests in photography are Sport, Creative, Portraiture, Reportage, Landscape, Technical, Architecture, AV, Still Life and Studio. Currently providing technical assistance and editor of the CISP Catalogue.
Andy Roberts
Andy RobertsNew Members Support / Outings Coordinator
I first joined the club in 2004 and joined the committee a few years ago. I enjoy all aspects of photography, particularly street photography and have learned a lot since I joined the club after living in London many years. One role I have at present on the committee is Outings co-ordinator and if any member has any suggestions for outing venues please feel free to suggest them.
James de Courcy LRPS
James de Courcy LRPSCommittee Member
After many years of photographing mostly landscapes, travel and the family for my own enjoyment, since joining CCC as a camera club novice several years ago I have thoroughly enjoyed the resulting stimulus to expand into other genres and to share my work with others and the opportunity to learn from them. Much of my photography is done in conjunction with walking and cross-country skiing, and so over the years I have enjoyed the move from heavy medium format film gear to much lighter digital kit as well as from darkroom to Lightroom. I became a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society in 2019. I’m looking forward to retirement next year offering more photographic opportunities.
Mark Stone LRPS
Mark Stone LRPSCommittee Member
My interest in photography started with the birth of my daughter and wanting to capture every moment of her growing up. I then found myself starting to experiment a bit more, which ended up with me joining CCC. The wealth of knowledge in the club helped me to develop my interests further and I became a licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2020. My main interest is people/street photography, with a bit of sport thrown in for good measure. I joined the committee a few years ago and look after all the equipment, setting up and our various social media accounts.